May 23rd – Judged in his own yard.



We recently moved to a brand new beautiful apartment with a HUGE yard. I do what you all do, get home from work, throw my keys on the table and head outside with my dog. Ever take that for granted?

So heres how it played out..

Cue Jayce sniffing around his own yard, watching birds fly by and checking the sidewalk for the small hope someone will pat him on the head or tell him how cute he is. Smiling at his complete cuteness, I take a look down the street where I meet eyes with pure hate. I’ve done nothing wrong and this man is glaring at me as if  I’m America’s Most Wanted. The man..we’ll call him Surly, stops dead in his tracks to glare at both me and my dog, who mind you are on our own lawn…Surly then begins an attempt to cross the street, something he’s choosing to do because he does not want to walk past Jayce. Before stepping into the street he turns back and yells in the most ignorant, rude voice I’ve ever heard “NICE DOG!”. Now, I’m not one for quick smart remarks, so I yell back “YEAH, ACTUALLY HE IS!”. With the yelling going on, Jayce (our big mean scary pit bull) darts back to the house, because guess what, he’s scared. Loud voices are too much. With Jayce gone, the man proceeds back along the sidewalk, because now he is clearly safe to walk past our lawn, with no pit bull 20 feet away. As he walks on, he continues staring me down, I start back towards the porch still feeling his eyes on my back. If some man is going to share how he feels, so I am. I turn back around, look straight at him and yell the first profanity I could think of that describes him, it starts with a P, i’ll let you think of which one it was. Thats what he was. You sir, are a grown ass man who is calling out a young woman for the beautiful dog she owns. A grown ass man who is too scared to walk past a dog, simply because of what he looks like. A grown ass man who is uneducated, ignorant and rude. It’s people like this who drive me nuts. You need to get your head out of your asses and realize YOU are 10x more of a monster than my dog will ever be. I hope we ruined your Friday and you spend your weekend alone with your cat. I’ll be spending it outside, in my yard, with my dog.


 [sur-lee]  Show IPA

adjective, sur·li·er, sur·li·est.

1.churlishly rude or bad-tempered: a surly waiter. sullen, uncivil, brusque, irascible, splenetic, choleric, cross;grumpy, grouchy, crabby.
2.unfriendly or hostile; menacingly irritable: a surly old lion.threatening, malevolent.
3.dark or dismal; menacing; threatening: a surly sky. ominous.
4.Obsolete lordly; arrogant.

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