Oops, we did it again.

Meet our new boy, Arthur! Yep, were officially a two bully family and couldn’t be happier. This little man was found under a porch at just 4 weeks old, pretty much left to die with Lyme disease, so swollen he couldn’t lift his head or move his legs. After a month of foster care we he was finally read for adoption, he’s home, happy and healthy now! Jayce is a proud big brother and is showing this little guy the way! Already so many have asked us “is there more from the litter” – “let us know if you ever breed him” – “was he for sale” – “how much are they going for”…sorry fellas, he’s a rescue, there enough of these babies in your local shelter and there is no need to breed them when so many perfect fuzz butts are awaiting a forever home! We hope you think he’s as cute as we do and stay tuned to watch him grow with his brother!

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