Ziggy’s day at the beach..

“This is about the most amazing pit ever, but I’m sure you already new pits are amazing. So he’s 8 months old and about 75 lbs, and full of love n energy. We are trying to slowly get him socialized with people and other dogs. So we take him to the Huntington Beach dog beach. We read reviews of people bashing the presents of pits n their family’s but we thought we will go anyway. It was a beautiful day and Ziggy loved it!!! As a momma of two human kids I tend to worry about that wide open ocean. Dad took Ziggy off the leash to run and he headed right into the water, wave cashed cover him and I panicked!! He came right back out to dad and back on the leash he went! So a few dogs came up n sniffed n Ziggy sniffed and got a couple of compliments about how handsome he is, until this snootie “bleep” <~insert curse word walked up with her two little dogs, both ran up to Ziggy to play. This women started to scream out her dogs names to “come” , neither listened. She runs over, grabs them by their scruff , poor dogs yelping as she walks away shaking her head. My daughter says “well that was very nice” I hoped that lady had heard her. As we were leaving we were dusting the sand off our feet sitting by entrance walk way when she yells to a mam walking in with his dog “watch out for that pit bull” we just couldn’t believe our ears! My heart broke! If they only new how precious my Ziggy boy is, if they only gave him a chance!!! Of course my husband had a few choice words to say to her, and we left. As we were walking two young surfer girls said ” don’t worry about them I’ve got two pits I know that was painful “. And my pretty boy sits in front of her n licks her hand! I think he knew she was cool! Well we went back once for a team floppy ears rally which was awesome but haven’t been back since! The pic attached was taken the day of this story.”

Above is a story shared by Pam Nava. Look at this little cutie! I don’t know about you guys, but my first thought of dog owning was always making sure my fur baby loved the beach, I mean where else can you find that many smells and pure happiness? I think owners of other dogs take outings like this for granted. Being a pit owner, any public outing with your pibble is an open opportunity for hate to be thrown your way. Over nothing. What makes you, a lab owner anymore empowered to let your dog off leash? But because our dogs have big goofy heads, a huge smile and silly floppy ears, automatically they’re a threat to all who pass by? At first, we kept our boy on leash to make people feel comfortable, we also used to make sure to mention “He’s friendly” to anyone who would look his way..until it clicked – they don’t deserve anything. I have just as much right to let my dog be a dog than anyone else. if you’re uncomfortable, go on your way. Keep your hate to yourself and get an education. I know Pam and myself aren’t the only ones who have to hear pure hate everywhere we go. Share your story at jaycethepitbull@gmail.com and we’ll post it here! Include a photo of your cutie too! Thanks for sharing Pam, Ziggy seems incredible!  But then again, I’ve yet to meet a pit whose anything but..

One thought on “Ziggy’s day at the beach..

  1. I am Ziggy’s adopted dad.I was very upset that day at the beach, my dog is neutered,licensed and chipped already I am more responsible than half the dog owners at the beach.
    I agree with you. I have given up trying to defend my dogs right to be a dog just like all the others at the beach.
    I recently had a run in at the park near our house(not a dog park). We were walking Ziggy on the leash and harness on the sidewalk passing the park when two unleashed dogs advanced on Ziggy and I. I did my best to get between Ziggy and these shi tzus. Their owner called their names and threw a tennis ball. Like that is going to distract them. They growled and barked at ziggy so I barked back at the owner. I told her ” I don’t know if you have had a chance to read that sign right there but it says ALL dogs must remain on leash, I think that applies to all dogsmd not just big dogs.” She had no response. We continued our walk and less than half a block away we saw her driving away. So I made my point that day. That is what I will do now is not defend my dog but go on the offense right away about how they are breaking the law. You can argue about pitbulls until you are blue in the face but how can you argue with the law? Thank you for posting the story about Ziggy’s experience

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